Hope for the Heartbroken

Hope for the Heartbroken

Have you ever felt abandoned, rejected, devastated, hopeless, or betrayed? After thirty-one years of marriage, Janie Smals was catapulted into the singles world with no visible means of support and even rejected by family and friends.

As you move through the pages of this hope-giving story you will learn to:

* Recover your self-esteem
* Combat loneliness
* Overcome rejection
* Pick up the pieces of a fractured family
* Experience God’s faithfulness
* Develop an unwavering trust
* Laugh again
* Become convinced that you are desperately loved by God

“Hope for the Heartbroken” shows how great God is when we release the reins of our lives to Him. Avoid the traps of the single life and turn to God where you’ll find peace and contentment.

About Janie Smals

Janie (Clausen) Smals is also the author of “Radical Recovery,” the story of her amazing recovery from breast cancer. She is actively involved at Long Grove Community Church in Long Grove, Illinois, leading weekly Bible study groups for women and couples. A graduate of Wheaton College, she currently lives in Palatine, Illinois, with her husband, Bill. Janie lives a very active life, playing tennis, biking, and enjoying her four married children and ten grandchildren.

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