Healing After Divorce: Hope for Catholics

Healing After Divorce: Hope for Catholics

A person going through a divorce or having already experienced a divorce has watched life fall apart, has seen dreams end, has known that the future will not be remotely what was imagined.

Yet, says Susan Rowland, herself a survivor of divorce after 30 years of marriage, there is hope. God loves us. God s love is not diminished or changed one iota when we get divorced. God is not disappointed in us. God does not think less of us. If we allow it, God will be very close at this difficult and insecure time, guiding us through the rough waters to a peaceful, calm, holy place.

When her marriage was ending and she knew she would be divorced soon, Susan Rowland reacted the same way as a seriously injured person would who overhears the doctors talk about amputation. I was panic-stricken, nervous, fearful, unsure of myself. Divorce is, in fact, the amputation of a relationship. The healing will take years. Some of us never seem to heal. That is why I wrote this book: To help bring about healing and health for all of us who are divorced.

Susan Rowland offers hope and practical ideas for living without marital love, taking care of yourself, telling others, crafting a legal settlement, grieving when a marriage is over, learning to live loved, making decisions, forgiving, building a foundation for your future, trusting in love, facing financial realities, finding your balance, learning to fly, and more.

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